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Topricin's patented combination of natural medicines is formulated to provide an array of benefits. Each ingredient passes through rigorous quality control procedure to ensure strength and purity. These superior ingredients effect their action while concurrently conditioning and moisturizing your skin.

Topricin does not contain petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, menthol, capsaicin, fragrances, or irritating chemicals. The cream is odorless, non-greasy, and will not stain your clothing. Topricin's hypoallergenic base is formulated for maximum absorption of its eleven medicines.


Arnica Montana - For injuries and bruising to the muscles and joints. Arnica is considered especially useful for arthritis, joint injuries, and bruising (6X)

Rhus Tox - For sprains, arthritic pain, and backaches (6X)

Ruta Graveolens - For relief from injuries to the bone or bone covering; often used to relieve trauma to the knee, shin, elbow and cheekbone (6X)

Lachesis Muta - For relief from sciatica, arthritis, lower back pain and carpal tunnel (8X)

Belladonna - Relief of pain, spasm & inflammation to muscle tissue (6X)

Echinacea - Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial (6X)

Crotalus - For improving localized circulation, and considered effective for bruises and contusions, and for accelerating repair to damaged nerves, joints, and muscles (8X)

Aesculus - For chronic pain, especially in the legs & varicose veins. (6X)

Heloderma - For relief from burning sensation in the hands or feet. (8X)

Naja - Relieves inflammation and pain in nerve tissue in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel and neuropathy (8X)

Graphites - For relieving symptoms of skin conditions (6X)

Topricin - Pain Relief Cream