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Cocoa Lovers Organic Cocoa Powder Overview

Chocolate has been a celebrated food and drink for centuries, and consuming chocolate has traditionally been something to savor as a decadent indulgence. But chocolate has undergone a nutritional renaissance thanks to the discovery that cocoa - the basic ingredient in chocolate - is not only not bad for you, it's nutritious superfood. Cocoa powder like this organic cocoa powder from NOW Foods is full of heart-healthy antioxidants, fiber, protein and has a far higher concentration of mood-enhancing compounds than chocolate. Not to mention an deep rich chocolate taste when sweetened just enough to offset cocoa inherent bitterness. Use NOW Organic Cocoa Powder as you would any cocoa powder, great when added to shakes, coffee or baking recipes.


Cocoa Lovers Organic Cocoa Powder Description from Now
From mouth-watering desserts to steaming cups of hot chocolate, cocoa powder is a must for any kitchen. Cocoa Lovers Organic Cocoa Powder is a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar, fat, and preservatives commonly found in other brands.

Organic Cocoa Powder

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