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BRAIN AID 10 Ml    Brain Aid essential oil blend is made from a combination of mentally energizing and stimulating oils, all known for boosting focus and helping keep your mind sharp. Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, Palmarosa, Juniper Berry, Basil Linalool, Lemon, Rosemary 1,8 Cineole, Peppermint, May Chang, and Star Anise make a blend perfect for rolling on during a study session or in the middle of your workday.   Precautions:  The Brain Aid blend is estrogenic and therefore should not be used in pregnancy, breastfeeding, endometriosis, and estrogen-sensitive cancers.   KidSafe®: No                             For children, try fantastic companion KidSafe synergy blend called A+ Attention.

Brain Aid

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