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Amishman's Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Food Supplements By Dr Richard Olree 840 pages True to its title, Amishman's Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Food Supplements is a convenient and valuable reference book (resource) for every home. It is written in common, ordinary language so that it is easily understood and practical for everyday use. Explanations for all of the vitamins tell how each one is needed for human development and maintaining life. Descriptions of minerals clearly outline how they affect human health and wellness. Included in the entries for herbs are drawings and maps showing growing regions, plus their many uses. Topics for other sections in the guide are medicinal herbs of the Bible, proteins/amino acids, food supplements, and soft nutrients. About the Author; Dr Olree has a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since 1981 his family-based practice has been located in Hilman, Michigan and he also serves two Amish communities in northern Michigan. Besides his chiropractic practice, Dr Olree established a health food store called Hilman Health Foods in 2001 so that he can offer his patients quality nutritional supplements. He travels the country teaching about the wonderful benefits of understanding, obtaining, and eating organic food.

Amishman's handy guide to minerals vitamins and food supplements