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Minerals, Hair and the Human Genome

Dr. Richard Olree D.C., B.S. has done it again with another in-depth, text book style reading, Minerals, Hair and the Human Genome. This book dives into the importance of information acquired from a hair mineral analysis and how practitioner's can utilize this tool to more throughly help their clients and patients. Dr. Olree has been using this as a staple to his nutritional consultations and doctoring for over twenty years now. "Educating as many practitioners as possible about this resource is the whole intention of this reading. I want others who are in the field of health, to discover the depth of what is happening in the body of their clients. Minerals, are what make up the entire universe- and understanding how minerals effect the human body is paramount. I want to bring as much attention to this as possible"- Dr. Olree

"The purpose for writing Minerals, hair and the human genome is to educate anyone who wishes to know as much about minerals and hair tissue analysis as is currently known. Alternative health care providers have many diverse ways of approaching health. One is certain, minerals have a dramatic impact on human health. This book attempts to describe all the minerals that have been found in the cerebrospinal fluid, which can be transported to the human scalp. With modern technology being able to tell what is in anything, hair has proven to be a great book to help our patients."

To get your copy of Dr. Richard Olree's newest book, Minerals, Hair and the Human Genome Click here

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