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Grand Unified Mineral Complex, a DNA Supplement.

Dr. Rich Olree has been providing essential minerals to people all over the world for over 20 years through his designed Grand Unified Mineral Complex (GUMC). What exactly is it?  As a doctor of Chiropractor and a genetic researcher for over 39 years, this is exactly how this complex is changing the dynamic of how your body functions.

Why Grand Unified Mineral Complex?

Minerals are at the core of everything you see and touch. They allow the proper unfolding of our double helix genetic code and play part in how we have developed since the moment of conception. The grand unified theory of everything includes gravity, magnetism and strong and weak electromagnetic forces as it applies to the unfolding of the DNA. Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium and Boron are the most important minerals for this process within the

proper unfolding of the DNA. The process of this DNA unfolding is then copied through messenger RNA. RNA is put through the ribosome, thus creating proteins. The "Central Dogma" of molecular biology explains the flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA. This makes a functional product, protein. It requires having the proper minerals that insure the right size and shape for all of the proteins made. Protein sizing being the proper size and shape ensures that your DNA replication process is correct.  This also plays into the aging process of the body. It is dependent on this replication process within the DNA to hold telomere length and keep the  body properly rejuvenating itself.

Grand Unified Mineral Complex is for the average adult human being that by default, does not receive even the basic requirements of minerals needed daily. Its properties include 3 mg of Iodine for proper thyroid function. The source we use is organic kelp which not only includes Iodine, but all the additional trace minerals that are contained within kelp.  Another property it holds is 200 mcg of Selenomethionine for proper control of oxidation properties within the body. Next is 3 Mg of Boron. Boron is the 2nd most abundant mineral found in the human brain’s cerebrospinal fluid and is considered water soluble. The 200 mg of Magnesium is to transport the Iodine, Selenium and Boron from the intestines to the liver.

Every property within this supplement is designed to be a catalyst to one another. This mineral complex is not only one of the best things you could take for preventative measures, but necessary. Aside from what is listed above, GUMC also includes Vitamin C, D and Taurine for additional sulfur and support in the body.

Dr. Olree's perfected supplement is suggested to take one a day. The benefits listed are not even close to how many exist. If you are interested in learning more about GUMC or would like to know more about your own health, contact the store to schedule a nutritional consult with the Dr. Olree himself or to order a hair test today to ascertain you hair body mineral load.

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