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Acne & Internal Health- A Chinese Medicine Approach

What is your body trying to tell you? Could your acne be linked to an internal health issue? With our skin being our largest organ in the human body, it has the ability to show us exactly whats going on inside. Here, we show you a deeper insight using the Chinese Medicine skin mapping chart. This helps you get a very specific insight to what organs are out of balance. To take this even further, Dr. Olree's book Minerals for Acupuncture Meridians will assist in a even deeper look at these organ areas.

On a deeper level, acne, wrinkles and oil content are all indicators of different complex issues. Wrinkles can indicate suppressed emotional distress, while acne can indicate a bacterial back up or toxins within the body. Lets take a deeper look at each area.

The Forehead:

The forehead mainly consists of digestive & Heart health. It is linked to digestive issues and Stress induced factors. Wrinkles or redness in these areas may indicate High Blood Pressure. Pimples may indicate bacteria overgrowth or lack of hydration. This area also may represent bladder issues.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and take up practices such as yoga and mediation to help with blood pressure and prolonged stress related health issues. Diet will also be a major factor within the vitality of you digestive system!

The Cheeks:

The cheeks mainly represent issues with the lungs & stomach. Many allergies to foods such as dairy and gluten will show up prominently on the cheeks in small acne bumps. This area is also prone to getting bacterial build up from dirty pillow cases or though touch.

Breath work is incredibly helpful within cleansing the lungs. Making sure to eliminate any dietary related allergy issues will help the stomach and acne. Washing your bedding often and keeping unwashed hands off of your face will help with this as well.

The Chin:

The chin represents reproductive health and hormones. This could be due to a block in the intestinal tract or flora.

This can be addressed through supplementation or lifestyle change, reflexology, acupuncture or dermatology. It would be best recommended to visit your dermatologist.

Self Esteem & Acne

Discovering where your acne is breaking out is the first step in finding freedom within your acne. Anyone who deals with acne, understands the impact on ones self esteem it has. As we take a deep look into our health, we soon realize how much out body is trying to tell us. An imbalance within your internal health is usually the first determining factor to acne. Treating this issue usually can be made through dietary and lifestyle changes. Speak with your doctor today or schedule a nutrition consultation with Dr. Olree today! Just call the store for directions.

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