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Hair Mineral Analysis Testing

Our hair analysis test cost $145, which includes the processing and a half hour consult with Dr. Olree. Kits come with a form t fill out, instructions, a specimen bag and a self addressed, self stamped envelope. Follow the directions, pay close attention to the length and amount of hair required. Send the sample in the provided envelope directly to the lab. Results are received by Dr. Olree in about 2 weeks at which time a copy will be mailed to you, the patient. Once you receive the results you can then call Dr. Olree's office to schedule a consult. He doest them on Wednesdays in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

Anyone who orders or receives a hair test must have an account set up with Hillman Health foods. If someone buys a hair test for themselves but deices to use it for someone else, please call our store and adjust the account. We will not be able to find the down without their contact information(phone number, address, and birthdays) so that the results can be sent to the correct person.

Please call our store to set up account information and to let us know what form of payment you would like to use. We take credit cards over the phone and checks/money orders through the mail but the hair tests need to be paid for before they are mailed out.

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